The dental medicine students are very well trained and supervised by highly competent professors who also present exceptional clinical performances as dentists in their private practices. The materials we use are from top dental brands, which provide the best quality and results! You will be surrounded by a warm and cozy environment, full of professionalism and bright smiles!

Studentist is available in: Timisoara, Bucuresti, Iasi, Cluj-Napoca, Sibiu, Targu Mures, Craiova and Constanta

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Get rid of your cavities!

Do you feel pain when you drink something cold and/or eat something sweet? Most likely you have a cavity! Don't worry! We are here to help! Select the button that sais "Cavities" to solve the problem fast and inexpensive!

Do you experience toothaches?

Studentists are trained to diagnose the cause of your pain and treat it! Select the button "Toothache"and a studentist will contact you as soon as possible!

Professional hygene

For a bright and wide smile we recommend a professional hygene once every six months! The tools for a perfect shine and clean teeth are scalling (ultrasonic or manual), professional brushing and Airflow! Select the "Professional hygene" button to make an appointment!

Dental prosthesis

Students are prepared to rehabilitate the mouth by replacing missing teeth or missing parts of teeth with esthetic and efficient dental prosthesis, that integrate perfectly with the rest of the natural teeth, or the total absence of teeth can be replaced by a total proshesis. Select the button "Dental Prosthesis" and meet one of our talented studentist that will provide you with an ideal treatment plan!


The app has a simple and intuitive interface. Choose a category, make a request, and a studentist will contact you shortly

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Studentist is available on both Android and IOS. Download the app for free !


Studentist is a mobile app that connects you with the dental students from your city.
All the treatments are realised by dental medical students under the supervision of their coordonating professors.
Dental medical students use the same quality materials and work with the same tehnicians as the dentists. They work fully under the supervision of competent professors, which are also experienced dentists in their own practices. So the treatment you get is of an exceptional quality, plus it's half the price of a treatment performed in a private practice, or sometimes it's even free of charge!
The students can treat cavities, toothaches, calculus or tartar, periodontal diseases, problems involving temporary teeth, replace missing teeth and orthodontic problems.
The treatments will take place in the Dental University from the city in which you posted the request.
The treatment is usually half the price compared to the one performed in a private practice. It can also be free of charge. You can always ask the studentist who contacted you for more details.
The app is available in Timișoara, București, Iași, Cluj, Sibiu, Târgu Mureș, Craiova.

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